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You can't do it alone... Volunteers

Literally HUNDREDS of volunteers, young and not-so-young, have driven their trucks in the convoys, have loaded and unloaded produce both in Othello and in Woodinville at Farmer Frog. Yet more volunteers have managed dividing and organizing that packaged produce to be picked up by or delivered to all of the receiving agencies. Some volunteers have come multiple times….

Thank you to each and every one of you! We couldn’t do it without you!

We gathered at PCC Market in Redmond (thank you PCC) at 5:30am and headed out with 2 convoys of trucks and trailers to Othello to rescue over 60 TONS of surplus storage produce that would otherwise have been wasted.

And...they're off to Othello. Did you see the dump truck and trailer from Cedar Grove? THANK YOU to all the companies who sent trucks and all the wonderful volunteers, many of whom are jobless during the Covid-19 crisis, who drove their own trucks on this food rescue mission!

Volunteers and workers loading onions at Target Ag in Othello, WA. Thank you to the Othello Police Department for all your assistance!!

In the slideshow the photos tell the rest of the story.

Photo 1: In Othello – volunteers with their own trucks ready to start the drive back to Farmer Frog Paradise Farm in Woodinville.

Photo 2: Unloading onions at Paradise Farm, May 1st

Photo 3: Unloading potatoes at Paradise Farm, May 15th

Photo 4: Bagging potatoes and practicing social distancing at Farmer Frog, May 16th

Photo 5: Can you feel the love?
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