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You can't do it alone...

The EastWest Food Rescue convoy #2 was last Friday, May 8th, and again went to Othello. This time they returned with over 60 tons (!) of loose potatoes and bagged onions. The City of Othello was so excited about EastWest Food Rescue, they made a video.

So, you have these truckloads of produce that will be distributed to Puget Sound area food banks, elementary schools and other agencies helping get food to those in need. But where to put it and who can organize the distribution?

Enter Farmer Frog and Paradise Farm

Farmer Frog started with a food garden at a school in South Everett, Washington in 2009-2010. Today they support over a dozen school gardens in the state, work with several sites in urban and rural communities, and are developing several farms on acreage. We cultivate programs, school gardens, and hands-on learning to nurture communities.

They operate under the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Foundation for Sustainable Community and are registered to do business as Farmer Frog.

But now, with the Covid-19 crisis, their work with school gardens has been largely curtailed. Farmer Frog offered to partner with EastWest Food Rescue and provide the location to unload the tons of produce, a place for volunteers to bag the loose potatoes and to coordinate distribution of the packaged food to area food banks, elementary school feeding programs, Native American food pantries and other agencies helping those in need of food.

To Zsofia Pasztor (Farmer Frog founder and co-director), Erika Botella, Szabi Pasztor and Mate Pasztor – all of Farmer Frog – THANK YOU!!

We couldn’t do it without you!

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