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Everybody that has helped EWFR has their own story and their own reason. You may have seen George Ahearn's story of having ties to both the eastern and western sides of the state, and being angry when the supply chain connection to move food dissolved back in April. Some of us have been food insecure in the past and want to give back to the community. Some of us may belong to service organizations that have elected to support EWFR. Some of us are trying to fill the breach left from shrinking government support services. Some of us are just fortunate to be weathering the pandemic better than many and want to give back to our communities.

Helping happens in lots of ways. Some of you have a day (or many days!) bagging potatoes or picking berries. Others have helped with coordinating with farms or seeking donations and grants. A few others help with keeping the accounting straight or maintaining our online presence. And some of you actively promote our cause within your communities. Meanwhile, those folks in the picture above have literally moved millions of pounds of food. The point being - there are a lot of people doing a lot of different big and small jobs as we strive to the goal of ensuring everyone is fed.

Over the next couple of weeks, we are starting to profile some people that volunteer for EWFR or do the essential work of distributing food we collect to the households that need it. These folks will tell us about the positive impacts we are making in the community. They are truly telling the stories of why we help.

Look for the hashtag #whywehelp on our social media channels over coming weeks. If you have a story about why you help that you want to share - we want to hear it! Tag us and use that hashtag so we see it. If you’re interested in helping out, check the “Get Involved” link on this page or drop us an email at Thanks!
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